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The EGO MHSC2002E multi-tool kit enables you to tackle a wider range of garden tasks with five attachments, the PH1400E power head, 5.0Ah battery and rapid charger. Complete your tasks with ease with the simple and secure coupling mechanism, allowing you to quickly change the attachment tool-free.

The EGO Power+ multi-tool is the outdoor power tool you can’t do without, and this ultimate multi-tool kit gives you a perfect platform to tackle every garden task. The PH1400E power head is perfectly balanced to give you a comfortable and easy experience. The line trimmer allows you to trim grass along fences and walls with precision, and includes our Rapid Reload head for easy line replacement. If you need to remove thicker, overgrown areas, you can simply click in the brush cutter attachment to complete your task.When it comes to finishing the lawn, the EGO edger attachment has quick depth adjustment and a handy guide to make achieving a perfect edge easy. Use to neaten edges along paths, driveways or flowerbeds.The hedge trimmer attachment will tackle high or low hedges with ease, plus the head has 12 adjustable angles to suit the job at hand, and allows for compact storage. The sharp diamond ground blades are no match for conifers, beech, holly or laurel.With the pole saw attachment, the 25cm guide bar works with the 15.0m/s chain speed to allow you to slice through tree branches quickly and efficiently. To power the tools, a 5.0Ah battery is also provided within the kit. EGO’s 56V ARC Lithium™ technology is perfectly optimised to provide the best balance between required performance and usable power, which means it performs to its highest level for every tool. And when it’s empty, it will take only 40 minutes for a full recharge.Includes: PH1400E - Power head STA1500 - Line trimmer attachment HTA2000 - Hedge trimmer attachment PSA1000 - Pole saw attachment EA0800 - Edger attachment ABB1203 - Brush cutter blade BA2800T - 5.0Ah battery CH5500E - Rapid charger

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